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Sweetgrass Baskets

The coiled sweetgrass basket is a historically significant example of African cultural heritage that was transported across the Atlantic by the people of West Africa. The first known baskets in the Lowcountry of South Carolina appeared during the late 17th century and were fanner baskets used for winnowing rice. The agricultural baskets were made of bulrush, sweetgrass, and split oak. By the 1890s, sweetgrass baskets began to evolve from agricultural use to household items. Sweetgrass basket sewing is viewed as a gift from God. The craft is usually learned from childhood, as it requires a great deal of patience and creativity. Each artist develops their own style, and each basket is unique. Baskets are still made by hand today as they were generations ago and have become a much sought after art form in the lowcountry.  Each basket is meticulously handmade, so variations in size are to be expected and add to their charm.  Here's your chance to own a piece of history!