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  • $ 77.95

The gift set is wrapped in cellophane with a custom bow. It includes the following three products from Toadfish:

  • Non-Tipping Dog Bowl: Sticks to any smooth surface to prevent the inevitable dog bowl flip! Made out of stainless steel and has double wall vacuum insulation to keep your pup's water cold.
  • 10oz Non-Tipping Rocks Tumbler:  Just add your favorite cocktail to the Toadfish Rocks tumbler and keep your drink accident-free and always chilled. Includes built-in graduated measurements for the perfect pour and a shatter-proof lid with a removable slider. This is your new go-to companion from bourbon to coffee. The Toadfish Rocks Tumblers hold on when others can't.
  • Ice Sphere Tray:  Creates 6 slow melt ice spheres that are the perfect companion for any cocktail. Designed to pair with the Toadfish 10oz Non-tipping Rocks Glass.

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